Account Request

The principal investigator (PI) must be a faculty at Michigan Technological University or a research scientist at Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI). To request an account, the PI must submit a proposal to

Dr. Warren Perger
Chair, Research Computing Committee
Phone: (906) 487-2855 (LaTeX and MS Word template; ~6 MB)

One may clone the GitHub repository in lieu of downloading the zipped folder.

Proposal should include the following:

  1. A résumé not exceeding 2 pages with full contact information and list of utmost five recent/relevant publications.

  2. Project description clearly indicating

    1. Title
    2. Abstract
    3. User population
      i.e., list of users, their status and affiliation
    4. Data sets (more information: Protecting University Data)
      1. Type of data (e.g., health care, financial, etc.)
      2. Classification (e.g., sensitive/confidential, private, public, etc.)
      3. Regulations (e.g., ITAR/EAR, HIPAA, FERPA, etc.)
    5. Preliminary results, if/when available
    6. Resources being requested
      i.e., # of CPU/GPU cores, memory, storage, time, software, compilers, etc.
    7. Scalability (to effectively use the requested resources). For e.g.,
      1. It runs only in serial fashion (i.e., one CPU core)
      2. It runs only in serial fashion but can use CUDA cores on a GPU
      3. It runs in parallel but does not scale well
      4. It runs in parallel and scales well up to few tens of CPU cores
      5. It runs in parallel and scales well up to few hundreds of CPU cores
      6. It runs in parallel and scales well up to few thousands of CPU cores
    8. Source of funding for the project (if applicable), and software, compilers, etc., if commercial.

In case of multiple projects, only one proposal with a brief description of each project is sufficient.

Depending on the nature of the user population and the list of requested resources, it can take several days for the proposal to be reviewed. When approved, it is strongly recommeded that the PI and other users participate in a training session to learn the best practices of using this computational facility.

Should the user population of your research group grow/diminish after the proposal has been approved, please inform Dr. Warren Perger at the earliest.