Featured Researchers and Projects

Dr. Lyon (Brad) King, ME-EM

Dr. King's research is focused on electric powered spacecraft propulsion. Electric propulsion uses ... [Read more]

Dr. Ossama Abdelkhalik, ME-EM

Dr. Abdelkhalik's research explores techniques, based on the idea of hidden genes, which enable GAs to select ... [Read more]

Dr. Mahdi Shahbhakti, ME-EM

Dr. Shahbhakti's research is centered on developing advanced fuel-efficient combustion engines that promise ... [Read more]

Dr. Gregory Odegard, ME-EM

Dr. Odegard's research is focused on the computational modeling of advanced engineering materials ... [Read more]

Dr. Ravindra Pandey, Physics

Dr. Pandey's research focuses on searching of novel 2D materials with different structures and exploring ... [Read more]

Dr. Timothy Havens, ECE/CS

Dr. Havens's research focuses on applications of and methods in machine learning and pattern recognition ... [Read more]

Dr. Pengfei Xue, CEE

Dr. Xue's research group focuses on the development of hydrodynamic model and its application to advancing our ... [Read more]

Dr. Laura Brown, CS

Dr. Brown's research is centered broadly on the application and design of methods in artificial intelligence ... [Read more]

Dr. Benjamin Ong, Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Ong's research focuses on developing and analyzing fault-resilient parallel algorithms for solving ... [Read more]

Dr. Adrienne Minerick, Chem. Engg

Dr. Minerick's research is focused on electrokinetics with an emphasis on medical microdevices ... [Read more]

Dr. Thomas Oommen, GMES

Dr. Oommen's research is focused on the application of remote sensing for geohazard characterization ... [Read more]

Dr. Maximilian Seel, Physics

Dr. Seel's research focuses on investigating excitonic structure of strain-induced changes in the band gaps ... [Read more]